Tales from the Girl at the Club

clubIt was on a dare from my friends, but I thought it could be fun.

We went to the local club, the meet-market of the city and I dresses drop dead sexy. My goal was to stand alone and see what kind of pick-up lines were used on me. At first I was hesitant but I was going to consider it like a human study. What kind of men were going to pick me up?

And then I came up with another idea…

This night I was going to go dressed ultra sexy, mini skirt, hair crimped and curled, sparkly blue eyeshadow, stiletto strappy shoes, white lace tube top and a wireless push-up bra. I was going to stand against the bar and see who approached me.

The following week, I was going to go basic, almost hippie like. Regular shirt, maybe a cap and pigtails or a ponytail out the back. Slightly baggy pants and running shoes. I was going to stand against the very same bar and see who approached me.

So on we go…

Here’s what happened the first night when I looked damn good:

The pick-up lines ranged from the absurd: “hey I think you took my seat” funny cuz there was no chairs there?! To the absolutely absurd: someone came up to me with a sock puppet — is that a pick up line? To attract members of the opposite sex, to attract women, you are really going to pretend that your hand is a sock puppet! Ridiculous! I do remember reading somewhere about a tip to pick up women is to use your hand as a sock puppet. Apparently women are supposed to think it’s so funny, they will agree at dance with you. Maybe so, but the only reason they agree to dance with you is out of sheer pity… trust me guys, never pretend your hand is a sock puppet!

In the end, I never met anyone interesting. Maybe I looked too desperate and all I attracted was sleezeballs who wanted a one-night stand. There were hot guys there yes, but I am not one for one-night stands and I prefer personality over looks.

Hope fully the next time I try my experiement I will meet a hot guy with a perosnality, we’ll see. I’m looking forward to the next experiement! Until then remmeber guys, do NOT try to pick up women by pretending yor hand is a sock puppet!! No No No!

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