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Turn her on with Touch

Woman need the mood to be set in order to relax enough to enjoy sex and the more relaxed they are, the more they will want to play. If you take the time to relax your women, you are in turn seducing her and she will be much more likely to agree to try something new, if that’s your goal. You can’t use it like a pocket pussy. If you are simply trying to have sex with her for the first time, you can use the same technique. This technique is also good if you want her to try something new, like anal sex for example. It does not matter if it’s first time sex or something very kinky, you need to approach it in the same way. Woman like tenderness and being loved so all you need to do is crack open a bottle of massage oil and follows these simple tips and you’ll have her melted in your hands in no time at all.

First you want to get a good quality massage oil. Some cheap brands are so full of sugar, they will leave her sticky and although that might your intention later, it’s not what you want to so now! Massage oil sticky is a big turn off. She will not want to have sex with you, all she will want to do is take a shower!

Show her that massage oil and tell her you want to help her relax and make her feel nice. Take her shirt off and get her to lay on her tummy. Put some on your hands and rub them together to warm it up, she will appreciate that instead of pouring a cold liquid directly on her back. Once you’ve warmed it up, rub circles over her shoulders and down her back on either side of her spine. Put pressure with your fingertips, actually try and go a good job becuase she will notice the difference between half ass job and a professional massage.

You can gradually rube near her boobs, tickler her playfully and act innocent. As you approach her boobs, she will start to get a little moist between the legs, it’s just a natural response. You’ll want to turn her on without actual sexual contact and she will enjoy what you are trying to do.
The rest is up to you, read her response and see how she react to your touch,. You will be able to judge if she likes it and how far you should go. Go slowly but after a while you’ll get your prize!

What to Say and Not to Say in Bed.

During foreplay, men say some things that women just don’t want to hear. The following article has some advice on what to say - and what NOT to say while enjoying intimacy of any kind with a woman.

1.) “Do you like how that feels?” - don’t say that.
When you as this you are obvious looking for a truthful response, but when you are totally missing her clit and rubbing left of her pussy lip while you look at her with a boyish smile and lots of eagerness in your eyes - do you really think she’s going to tell you truth at this tine? Of course not, she will say yes no matter what you’re doing!
Women don’t like to disappoint you or to crush your ego and women know how sensitive a man’s ego is. They will lie to you and pretend that it feels good instead of crushing your sexual emotions with the harsh truth.
This is what you should say that will get the best response:

2.) “Guide my fingers/tongue where you like it the most.” - do say that.
That’s how you should ask her if she like what you are doing. This way there is absolutely no rejection at all. If she likes it a little to the right, she will move your fingers over to the spot she wants. You can know exactly the pressure when she presses or lightly puts your fingers on her hot spot.

3.) “My old girlfriend liked anal, maybe you will too” - don’t say that.
This line could be used in so many ways, regardless of what you’re trying to get her to do, never ever compare or even mention another girl. EVER. She doesn’t care and doesn’t want to hear it. So what is your ex fell in love with you because you showed her the best an anal sex pleasure? She does not car and in fact, it will make her damn jealous that you are thinking of another woman whole fooling around with her. This will be exactly what she thinks so don’t say that.

4.) “I read an article in am magazine about anal sex, maybe you’ll like to try” - do say that.
By saying this, you’re referring to a magazine article that you read, This shows her that you’re making conscious effort to be great lover. You are doing your research and you wan to please her so she will be more accepting of your ideas. If she asks what magazine, say Maxim. Don’t ever say playboy because this will show a jealous response, Maxim is not as bad as playboy and women know well that there are really good articles about sex so a maxim reader is usually a good lover.

Try changing these simple sentences and see what sort of response you’ll get. She may be more open to your kinky ideas and will be happier with you in bed and remember when she’s happy, you’re happy!

Get the Girl

There are many people out there, and many of them are looking for people just like you.
So how do you get them interested in someone like you? Well, there are a few things you
can do that will definitely help your chances, and a few things you should avoid doing.

First of all, be assertive! Smiling and self confidence go a long way when attracting
others. Think about it, would you rather approach someone who is obviously happy with
themselves and smiling, or someone who looks miserable with a low self-esteem? Probably
the more confident guy or gal! Don’t go overboard, however. Just be happy with yourself
with out bragging or acting like you own the world. If you are having trouble with this,
while trying to attract wanted attention, just think about the one thing you like best
about yourself at that moment. Your hair, or your shoes or whatever, and that will get
you smiling!

Also, try not to be shy! I know it might be hard, but if you think about it, the other
person is most likely just as nervous as you are. So if you’re feeling good and got your
smile down, then why not make the first move?! Everyone loves compliments and being
noticed, and if you make the first move, chances are that will earn you some major
interest points!

Don’t be afraid of being turned down. It will happen, and it happens to everyone! Don’t
let it get to you, how were you supposed to know they were not interested? If it wasn’t
obvious, and they sent you the wrong signals, then they will surely understand, and if
anything, you’ll leave them feeling flattered. So in turn, it was a nice ego boost for

Make sure you smell good! Not kidding! Scent is an important part of attraction. Boys and
girls who smell bad is not a very nice thing. It is understandable if you’ve been dancing
all night and are all hot and sweaty, you might get a little stinky, but if that is not
the case, then make sure you bathe before you  go out on the prowl. A little spritz of
perfume or cologne won’t hurt either.

Besides these few tips, I guess the best piece of advice is to be yourself! And if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying! I strongly believe there is someone out there for everyone, so be patient, and you’ll find your special someone.

What not to Wear

I have been watching this television show called What Not To Wear on TLC. If you have never watched this show, it’s great for the fashion idiots and the fashion curious. They feature real people who dress way too basic to be noticed and hide themselves behind unflattering clothing.

The show teaches people to dress sexy and to let their feminine side show and flow. If you are a regular gal that gets no attention and you want to dress better but have no where to start, sign up for this show because it is quite the transformation. In the end, all the women are ultra sexy but not smutty. They don’ dress you like a porn star, they make you look causal and nice.

Every now and then, they feature women who are too fat to wear that and tone them down a little. Women who have big boobs and flaunt them and and that’s all they have going. It’s like these women scream, have sex with my boobies, I am a sex toyfor your play! They tone down the dress and make them actual people.
On the contrary, they also take too both ladies and make them look like women, not like tomboys.

There are a few good thing and a few bad things about the show, it is VERY superficial in the thinking that the way you look is everything. I have seen an episode where a regular woman turns into a sexy women and all of a sudden, she is getting better reviews at work, so it;s like saying that before when we was normal, she did not perform as well as if she were to dress ultra sexy.

The good and the bad, the show is very informative and I rather enjoy it so it’s worth a watch. You can feel sexier which is nice then you can flaunt your body in sexy lingerie when you are in the mood. In a way, when you dress better on the outside you feel better on the inside and you can forget your inhibitions and be sexy like you should be. A good and bad show that is worth a watch, you might learn something and be repulsed at the same time!

The Scent of Sex

scentIt is the most obvious thing yet easily overlooked.. The sense of smell! Smell can make or break the mood. Smell has been proven to initiate sexual response, it can trigger strong feelings or quite the opposite.
Studies have shown that scent is heightened after sex, which makes “sense” because most other senses are heightened too!
Psychologists have studied the elusive sense of scent for a long time.

Adult product manufacturers and even body care companies capitalize on this by formulating and creating sweet and erotic scents, either in the form of massage lotions, massage oils, scented candles and even scented lubricant!

The most mysterious scent is pheromones, which is a physiological thing that claims that men and women will be attracted to each other. It is said to be an aphrodisiac but there is no proof that it is a strong as it claims to be. It does promote relaxation, which is not the same as passionately ripping each others clothes off, but it does attract members of the opposite sex in the terms that it makes you relaxed, which is a start! For those who are nervous, to be relaxed around someone is the first step to sexual attraction. it’s a long shot, but it can work for some inn this type of situation!

To make sex great, always make sure that the room smells nice, you smell good. Add flavored lubrication or massage each other with flavored massage oil. The great side effect is that you can lick it off each other too! Place some scented candles around the bed. When the room smells good, it really sets the mood. More for women only because women and taught to appreciate smell and men are not, but they benefit psychologically the same.

The psychology of sex is such a complex thing that university courses are taught about it. This is only one article about sex that barely scrapes the surface of this huge and interesting topic. What should you take away from this? A great way to pick up women is to make the surroundings smell good. For women, a great way to make men relax is with pheromones. But above all, always make sure you smell good! Until the next time!

How do I find the guy for me?

If you have exhausted your options and are stuck being alone and can’t seem the guy for you, I’ve got 2 fabulous suggestions on how to snag the man of your dreams.

1.) Specific dating sites

There are sites that cater to specific things, like cat lovers dating sites, dog lovers dating sites, for example. I’m sure there are even obscure dating sites like punk dating sites. Check it out you might find your match. I would not put all my eggs in this basket because there is a likely chance that there are none or extremely few people who have signed up for this service, but sign up anyway, what’s the worst that can happen? Nothing at all, you never get a response. OR, you get a response and meet a man! Wow! You’ve got nothing to loose so give the specific dating sites a try.

2.) Check the astrology charts.

Even if you are a skeptic, this is worth try because just like I said above, what’s the worst that could happen? Nothing, who cares! It’s worth a try because the best that could happen is that you find a match! Astrology is not just for hippies and freaks. Many people who’s signs do not describe them have another aspects like the rising sign and the moon signs that greatly impact the personality, so if you say “astrology does not work for me” then you obviously have conflicting signs that affects your sun sign. Get an astrology reading and you will see what I mean about this, it will all make sense then.

Study astrology sites and see which match is the best for you. Read through the signs and see which signs are the best for you by knowing what you want and then you can get it. If you are into more introverted people who have dreamy ideals, maybe a Pisces might suit you. Are you showy, flashy and outgoing? Do you like to talk and talk and are you into exploring every nook and cranny of life? maybe a Gemini might suit your desires and compliment your fast paced lifestyle.

Take a look into these to see what would be the most compatible with you. Then you can ask the person “what day is your birthday” and then you can see what sign they are. If you at all worried about being labeled an a hippie, by asking what day is their birthday you will get the answer to the astrology sign question without actually asking.

Try it you’ve got nothing to lose, people have been studying astrology for many years and for good reason, now it’s your turn to figure that out!

Tales from the Girl at the Club

clubIt was on a dare from my friends, but I thought it could be fun.

We went to the local club, the meet-market of the city and I dresses drop dead sexy. My goal was to stand alone and see what kind of pick-up lines were used on me. At first I was hesitant but I was going to consider it like a human study. What kind of men were going to pick me up?

And then I came up with another idea…

This night I was going to go dressed ultra sexy, mini skirt, hair crimped and curled, sparkly blue eyeshadow, stiletto strappy shoes, white lace tube top and a wireless push-up bra. I was going to stand against the bar and see who approached me.

The following week, I was going to go basic, almost hippie like. Regular shirt, maybe a cap and pigtails or a ponytail out the back. Slightly baggy pants and running shoes. I was going to stand against the very same bar and see who approached me.

So on we go…

Here’s what happened the first night when I looked damn good:

The pick-up lines ranged from the absurd: “hey I think you took my seat” funny cuz there was no chairs there?! To the absolutely absurd: someone came up to me with a sock puppet — is that a pick up line? To attract members of the opposite sex, to attract women, you are really going to pretend that your hand is a sock puppet! Ridiculous! I do remember reading somewhere about a tip to pick up women is to use your hand as a sock puppet. Apparently women are supposed to think it’s so funny, they will agree at dance with you. Maybe so, but the only reason they agree to dance with you is out of sheer pity… trust me guys, never pretend your hand is a sock puppet!

In the end, I never met anyone interesting. Maybe I looked too desperate and all I attracted was sleezeballs who wanted a one-night stand. There were hot guys there yes, but I am not one for one-night stands and I prefer personality over looks.

Hope fully the next time I try my experiement I will meet a hot guy with a perosnality, we’ll see. I’m looking forward to the next experiement! Until then remmeber guys, do NOT try to pick up women by pretending yor hand is a sock puppet!! No No No!