Hysteria – for Men

Female sexuality has always been a hot topic. Theories like “does the g-spot really exist” and “how to give a woman an orgasm” have always been intriguing mysteries. Even with women’s kinkier needs like strap-on dildos have been a new fad. Look through www.theadulttoyshop.com and you’ll get the general idea. In the 19th century, Female Hysteria (an actual term) was a popular medical focus point, physicians would perform pelvic massage on women to help relieve symptoms which included everything from sexual dissatisfaction and insomnia to cramps and emotional mood swings.


Men’s hysteria was never a problem, there is no medical term or equipment in the 19th century for men’s insomnia or sexual dissatisfaction. We wonder then - are men really that simple, just spank the monkey and it’s all over? Was it a sexist viewpoint that men could handle themselves without the need of “equipment” and women were delicate flowers that needed to be pollinated?

Vibrators are all over. Strap ons are one of those newer sex toys but boy oh boy, are they fun. Not really something that most couples would consider, it’s really a good ride. It is kind of a mind fu** becuase you are thrusting with the same motion of sex only with a different feel in the vagina. It’s kind of fun trying this new thing, like getting your man to use a dildo on you except this time he is doing the thrusting back and forth. Very cool, totally worth a try.

hysIt’s important for men to take their sexuality seriously, especially in this day where everyone’s girlfriend has a vibrator that easily rivals lovemaking! Not to say a real woman is never in the cards again, but if you have a pocket pussy then you don’t need to worry about wooing one, it’s literally a bed buddy under your bed. Get yourself into the current age, women have vibrators stashed everywhere it’s time for men to take their own pleasure into their hands (no pun intended) and get with the program of better masturbation. You’re worth it.

Pelvic Floor Strengthening Balls

Several centuries ago, women in the orient were introduced to a small set of weighted metal balls that were inserted into the vagina. The heavy weight of the balls acted with gravity to force them downwards and the muscles in the pelvis has to work harder to keep them in – thus exercising the muscles in the pelvis.


The affect if this was better sexual enjoyment, a strong muscle will clench harder thus resulting in more pleasure for the woman. Another effect was better urinary bladder control, almost solution to incontinence as the muscles can hold the urinary tract closed preventing leaks. Another benefit was sexual enjoyment for the man – he would feel the balls rolling about as he penetrated the vagina.

Bringing the couples closer on an intimate level as they cab she extra joy together in the bedroom. If you are interested in knowing more about these small vaginal devices, visit online for the list if products which pertain to this style is strengthening. Further more you can find larger balls that are hollow these styles are more for sexual pleasure, they don’t even need to be used during sex, the feeling of self vibrating inside the vagina will create natural lubrication and help the woman get in the mood for love a pleasure heightened sensation that carries over into the next sexual encounter and makes it for fun for both partners involved.

Have some sexy fun with Jessica!

Jessica is a very naughty girl over in the city of Oxford in England. A student by day she spends the evenings, weekends and vacations having plenty of sexy fun, and what’s even better, she loves to write about her experiences and use her vivid imagination to create wonderfully explicit stories.

Her writing covers lesbianism, bondage, male-female encounters and much more. There’s also poetry on erotic topics and most recently she has begun to blog about her weekly sexual experiences. This girl doesn’t hold back, everything is in graphic detail and is guaranteed to get you wet and steamy and ready to give your partner the night of their lives!

Jessica is also willing to collaborate with other writers and has just completed an article with a male friend in the USA. ‘Mike and Jenny’ looks to be the start of many adventures for the two newly created characters and might easily end up as a bestselling erotic book! If you fancy writing with Jessica or would like her to write you a personal story using your own ideas, just email her. She doesn’t bite…unless you want her too!


Sex Practices Across the Pond

Adults in other parts of the world have different sex terms and practices then here in North America. Even though we are only across by an ocean and a speedy 5 hour plane ride away, the sex practice there is like a world away from here in the USA.

Dogging - A popular concept in the UK. It means that men watch couples having sex or performing sex acts together outdoors. The term originates from when the men were caught, they would claim they are walking the dog, hence the name Dogging.

Across the pond in the USA, the closest term is voyeur, but that term is used more loosely because a voyeur means that they like to look at women, it does not necessarily mean a couple. It also does not necessarily mean that they like to watch couples have sex outdoors, but that they are peeking at them. Doggers know they are being watched and they perform more.

Also the the USA, you can’t have a voyeur without an exhibitionist. It can be the couple having sex in the park, the woman sunbathing topless, or even the women who changes her clothes in her apartment without closing the blinds first, she’s just asking for someone to look in. You need both in order for them to work together.

Why is this such a common activity in the UK and not here like vibrators? I’m not sure exactly but it’s been around since the 70’s so the term has had many generations to migrate this way but it has not as of yet. I guess that’s the difference between the British and Americans, we like to peek, they like to know they are being watched, but of course it’s a generalization and that’s not necessarily the case.

The British probably wonder why we like to peek, they seem it to be more fun if they couple is performing. Maybe when you take a trip across the pond, you can look for popular dogging locations and dabble in their popular sex act for yourself. But remember, when the cops come by, you’re walking the dog!

Sex in a hot tub

Sitting in a hot tub of water with the temperature hot and lazy, steam rising from the water, glistening over your face, sexy bikinis, sexy 6 packs. It’s no wonder why the hot tub is a place for kinky rendezvous and erotic moments. It’s torn down the middle if it’s a safe place to have sex or not.

Your high school teachers will tell young that you can get pregnant by shaving sex in a hot tub but if you read any pregnancy or baby making forum online, they will tell you to avoid hot tubs because it’ll ruin your chances of conceiving. The truth is that there is virtually no chance that you’ll get pregnant having sex in a hot tub. the heat kills the sperm and not only the sperm in the testicles and the ejaculate in the vagina, but it even kills sperm in the making. Bring in a waterproof vibrator instead.

It won’t happen so here is a great point for sex in a hot tub is that you won;t get pregnant. Myself and every doctor you’ll ever hear that talks on the subject will protect their asses and advise you not to have unprotected sex because there is a chance that it could happen. It’s highly unlikely but incase it does happen, we don’t want to get our asses sued.

On the contrary, you should never have unprotected sex with partners because you don’t want to catch an STD, and those don’t get killed by heat so you can catch anything in the hot tub.

Another con for sex in a hot tub is that the chemicals used to sterilizing the water, like chlorine can cause vaginal irritations an upset the PH balance in the vagina and maybe it can cause a yeast infection or some other infection. By thrusting a penis into the vagina, it pushes in a some water with each thrust so you can get some kind of irritation or infection. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, they guy is so hot and the emotion as are so strong that you’ll risk a measly little irritation for the sake of food sex. It’s whatever you choose. Personally, if the guy was Johnny Depp, I would risk an infection for him, any day!

If you want to have sex underwater, it can help to lubricate you a little bit but tit feel like it pulls on the skin and can break some of the passion. If you insist on underwater sex, my tip of the day is to use silicone lubricants because they are not water soluble which means that they don’t wash away under water so you will get the glide you need, even underwater. It’s miracle juice, it really is.

My Porn Story With Glass

When I first thought of glass sex toys, it seem to be so unsafe. Why would I want to stuff myself with a glass sex toy? That can’t be safe? I got one as a gift from my man and I am here to tell you about it. Here is my story from beginning to end.


We were getting frisky, some lip nibbling, tongue sucking, ear biting, neck licking. It was getting hot and heavy. PG rated foreplay. Before he was going to undress me, he did something out of the ordinary, he reached into his “murse” and pulled out this glass thing that looked like a wand a fairy princess would have. It’s the picture on the right in case you want to see for yourself. I asked him “what’s that for” I thought it might have been a really skinny lava lamp, he assured me that it is not, it is going to be slid into my pussy. Boy oh boy, I was like “you fool, are you crazy?” It’s like a really pretty chocolate, when it’s very pretty you don’t want to eat it. Well I did t want to stick this pretty centerpiece in my vagina, then it would no longer be a centerpiece!

He left me no choice, he slowly undressed me, held my hands down and started sucking on my nipples. At that point I was so darn wet that I craved anything being stuck in my pussy. I wanted something to fill me up, anything there was so much sexual energy. I that point, I could have accepted a cucumber, banana, whatever. I really wanted his penis and I whimpered for that a little but he denied, of course.

He pushed the tips of the glass dildo on my nipple. It was rounded and blunt and cold. It made my nipple even harder instantly. He moved it in a circle and it felt really tight against my hard nipple. He put the end of the dildo in my mouth and I gave it a lick, it was so smooth and cold. He put it on my nipple again and this time it was wet from my spit so it moved freely, it was quite erotic, completely smooth, more smooth then skin, even smoother then a tongue.

He made me lick it again, this time he put the whole head in my mouth and I sucked on it and it was quite the experience. I’ve never sucked on a nubby glass tip before and it was very neat, at this point I wanted him to stick it in my pussy. I don’t have much experience with sex toys that don’t vibrate, but I was about to experience my first dildo and my first glass sex toy in one.

He slid the dildo head down my belly and then presses the end on my clit, it was warning up a bit from the traveled down my belly. He rubbed the head against my clit, I wanted so desperately for him to shove it in my pussy, please I crave penetration, have sex with me, finger me do something! I begged for him to pleasure me more and he stuck the tip in my vagina, so moist, so inviting. The end of the glass sex toy was very warm and he moved in in a little more and as it entered, the shaft was cooler.

The temperature contrast was so invigorating, I thought I would be sent to heaven right away. He pressed his finger on my clit and he started to slide the glass in, very far so far that I felt the pressure inside. I wanted more because the pressure was gold, it matched the pressure he was putting on my clitoris. Oh so sensual.

He started thrusting the end faster and faster, he circles my clit faster and faster. The smooth shaft with the light spirals teases my pussy lips while the round head filled my love hole with delightful smoothness. I never thought I’d see the day when a glass thing would make me orgasm but there I was cumming was clenching around a glass dildo! It was quote odd but he frictionless glass was so sensual inside I loved it so much.

After the orgasm was over and my muscles relaxed, I let him enter me. At this point I was soaking wet and his warm soft but firm penis felt amazing contrast to the solid glass. He thrust away and in a few seconds he was done. It was so quick because he loved the look of the glass inside me. You can see inside it, it’s almost transparent and the view was such a delight, apparently I had no idea but that’s what he told me. He could practically see inside my pussy and he was thrusting me to pure sexual enjoyment.

That’s the story of glass. It was so easy to clean, it never smells and although I can never use it as a centerpiece now, It’s forever in my boudoir closet waiting for the next sexual encounter when we feel like being a little kinky.

You should get yourselves one of these glass sex toys, it’s quite amazing! now back to work I go, soppy wet and aroused just like that night again…Ahh Monday morning..

Live it up while you can!

Live it up!

The joys of being in your early 20’s. I can ell you all about it now, I’m pushing 30 and life sure has changed. I tell all you young’uns out there, enjoy the time you have because when you grow up, life changes and you lose the joy of your youth. Not that adulthood is a scary thing, it come with it’s share of fun times like life, marriage and children and full independence but the spark of your younger years will slowly fade away. When I was in the early 20’s, I’d go out to the clubs and get phone numbers, flirt with guys all night long,. get to know some of them and have some good sex fantasies. It was what Cosmo tells you to do. be fun and fearless and flirt. I was blessed with pretty looks so it was easy for me, but even an ugly friend could find success if she was confident enough.

Coming up to the 30’s though, I go to the club and there is nothing but young boys there, a 20 year old “man” to me is like a teenager. I’m into the Patrick Dempsey type of guys now and these types of men do NOT go to clubs. Most of them fish, ride ATV’s or are already married. Life changes and club guys are grimy,. Eeew, I slept with them? I was so turned on by that 10 years ago but now, they are kind of repulsive, immature and too hasty. They don’t appreciate good lovemaking like the older men do.

Enjoy your youth, don;t jump the gun and mary a club guy, they are only hood for sex, casual erotic and kinky sex. When you age, you get into the passionate sex which is whole different ball game from the regular sex you had in your younger days.

I don’t ever go to clubs anymore. Luckily I have a guy now but I don;t know what the heck I would do if I were single, where on earth do you meet your macho man? that;s a whole different topic altogether and I might not be the best advice for that type of tale because I am happy.

The point is that you should enjoy your youth. be sexy, have fun but for goodness sake, PLEASE use protection because as soon as you have a baby, your life is over and you are immediately thrust into being older and you loose you youth. I know because I have friends who had to duck out at age 22 because they got pregnant I lasted until I was about 26. they lost 4 years because they did not use a condom. Of course life is different for hem and they love their child but they also lost many years of flirty and erotic fun.

Enjoy yourself while you can becuase take it from an old gal like me - it won’t last. You’ll grown up even if you resist it, it will happen and your desires will change, just as mine did. That’s all the advice I have for the younger readers today!

Easy Access @ Pop Gals

I came across this resource for lots and lots of porn. Good porn too with thumbnails that explode in size so you don’t have to sift through and strain your eyes by looking at teeny pictures. You can get exactly what you want quickly and easily. Get the teasers and easily download the rest of the movie. You can even download full DVD’s directly to your computer. No walking into a porn shop to embarrass yourself. No need to order a DVD online and wait for it to be mailed. Get pleasure now. When you want it! There is a porntube right on site so you can browse there. Bring your partner and act out what you see on screen. It’s a fun thing to do with your partner.

There’s tons of niches to choose form so whatever your pleasure at that moment you can get the stimulation you desire. If you change your mind and decide to get a little more interactive, you can click onto the live web cams section and have a lady perform just for you. There are huge thumbnail previews again for the webcam section and lots of pages full of every type of girl you could want.

I like the porn galleries page where you can get the teaser description and the style of gallery and click away to find erotica about fetishes, teens, Japanese or mature, juts to name a few. Check out the site, it;s nicely laid out, clean, fresh and easy to navigate.

The Naughty Joy of Camping


My favorite way to spend some time alone is to go camping. There is no better way to get to know the real person inside then when yo are thrust away from civilization with only some camping gear, a few bottles of booze and you and your desired partner.

You have to approach it in a human study sort of way because you can learn allot about the other person, beginning right at the start. Pick your campsite. You can see what type of weekend you desire by the spot you choose. If it’s a secluded spot surrounded by trees in the corner - well it’s quite suggestive of some good “alone” time. If you choose a spot in the open, near others with six packs out on the table, you’re in for a party weekend. Right there you can see what your new mate prefers, intimacy or parties.

Setting up the tent is a good indicator. If they know exactly how it sets up and they can do it quickly, you know you have a handy man on your hands. An avid camper is a nature lover and this translates into a down-to-earth type personality.

If they can’t do it or complain about dirt under their fingernails, you know for sure that underneath the facade, there really is a metro sexual!

The next text is the survivor test. Can they start a fire? Do they remember boy scout training? A man needs to be able to start a fire - but that’s just my opinion. Watch how they handle it. Manly man treat the fire as his baby and gets proud of himself when it flares up. He is trying to impress you, he wants to wow you with his abilities.

The next step is the activities you will do. Does he want to sit and drink beer all day? Dies he want to char with you? Maybe he might suggest a walk where you can walk hand in hand. If he suggests a hike, you know for sure he’s the woodsy type. If he suggest fishing, he has the manly instinct of the hunter. If he wants to play frisbee, he’s young at heart, active and likes to have fun.

At nightfall, you can see his intentions. Do you cook marshmallows and share secrets before you go into the tent for a night of erotic lovemaking or do you skip the talk and go right to the sex? Does he pull out a sex toy in the heat of passion? If so, he’s a Cassanova lover and you’re in for a sexual treat!

Do you enjoy some foreplay, then go back out to the fire to let the mood heighten to have sex later? his means he can wait and he understands the joy of prolonged tantric sex - also he’s very into you, not just in a sexual way, but he wants to get to know the essence of you.

Do you see now what a study camping is? You have to read between the lines and you can learn so much about your new man. I suggest that all couples go camping within the forts three dates. It’s the best way to see what kind of man he really is.

Las Vegas Escorts Are Incredible

blogpic1Look through a Las Vegas phone book and you’ll literally hundreds of ads for escort services, outcall massage girls and exotic or erotic dancers.

There’s one very good reason the yellow pages are overrun with the services: the girls are gorgeous and the service is top flight. In addition arranging a Vegas escort is an accepted practice in the city known as the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Vegas escorts are so much friendlier and classier than the cattle call at a topless Strip club. With a Vegas escort you get one on one personalized service from a beautiful, model type gal who’ll come direct to your room or suite and entertain you in the way Vegas is known to entertain adult audiences.

Topless, seamless, seductive dancing fully nude is the erotic nature of a Vegas outcall experience and every Vegas escort is there to do your bidding. She will strip and shower and you can watch. She will bring her own music and Strip to the beat while you watch and enjoy. This is your night and your show. You don’t have to share her with anyone else as you would in a Strip club.

With a Vegas escort, blonde, brunette, Asian or other preference she is all yours. Your escort is discreet, private, appealing and sexy and she knows her way around town, so if you want to get into a show, a club or a restaurant your escort will probably be able to help get you gain access and expedite your entry. See, it doesn’t hurt to have a knockout woman on your arm.

But up close and personal is where your escort does her best work. She will tease and please you and send your libido skyrocketing as she puts her talents on display for your eyes only in your suite.
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