Keep the Love!

Another day of love has come and gone. More men probably got laid in the one day, Saturday February 14th then any other day. I find it incomprehensible how men always want sex and never never seem to get it, except on Valentine’s Day. It’s not that hard to woo a woman, we are pretty easy. We like to be loved and feel useful. Tell us you care. You think that we should know but we don’t.

Women are so emotional and sensitive and men are the complete opposite so when the two are combined, there is a big gap left in between. This gap is where men and women can’t seem to connect, and in the end it can result in no sex for the guy and a confused woman.

Men are from Mars and Woman are from venus, it’s really true. One big secret about getting the love you need is to tell the women some words, they don’t even really need to be carefully selected, just simple “you look nice today” or “I love you” will suffice.

It’s top bad that romance has to be left to one day. really, the flowers are nice and the chocolates yummy, but keep the words for every day.

Here is a peep inside the mind of a lady, you know how we always want the “bad boy”? When a man dumps on the emotion too much, it makes us think that you are like a lady and we will completely loose the confidence and the lust for you. The man should be above emotion, rough and touch, a provider. It goes to caveman days.

You need to put on the words, but don’t overflow, never be more emotional then the woman. Just a subtle line every now and then will keep up the Valentine’s love and keep you happy and her satisfied!

Sex Toy Prostate Pro

prostate-pro1This sex toy is for men and I am proud to offer all curious men this review and re-cap. It’s for both hetreo and homosexuals. Both types of men will experience equal benefit from this. The concept behind this odd looking anal sex toy is to put pressure on the prostate. It seems quite overwhelming at first glance and maybe it’s not for the faint of heart because the bulb is larger then you might be comfortable with. Add plenty of anal lube and rest assure that you get to feel the neatest sensation. The idea is for men to enjoy prostate stimulation which is essentially like a women’s g-spot. It just happens to lie within the anus about an inch or two inside facing the front. This prostate stimulator vibrates very strongly to give maximum effect because if you are going to stick something in your bum - it might as well be good!

Here is how the prostate sex toy for men from theadulttoyshop works. The little fins on the bottom are meant to tease you in the same way that a woman would be teased. To be lightly fluttered in between your cheeks and behind tour scrotum is a really tantalizing experience and for many guys, the girlfriend won’t go there so with this sex toy, you can enjoy the sensation that only s mistress will give you! All joking aside, the little fins add much pleasure to the whole experience but I think the biggest reason they are there is so that you can know which direction the bulb is pointing. Try moving it about because some men report enjoying the movement inside, others like it held still. I must mention again that heterosexual men need not be worried because there is a reason that this anal toy for men is invented - it’s to give pleasure to men!

The spikes that you see are mainly for aesthetics, to make it look manly because from the point of view of the manufacturer, it’s hard to design a sex toy for men to be used anally when they are not gay. I think they did a fantastic job here. I really think that men should try it. If you are really squeamish about the whole idea, you may be better off using a slimmer plug, try to go for something curved to get the prostate stimulation you are looking for. Work your way up. Get a bottle of anal lube and try this thing. You ca use it with masturbating or during sex. It might work better with masturbation because the blunt size makes it fall out easily. It’s also wonderful during foreplay, a really kinky experience for both partners.

How do I find the guy for me?

If you have exhausted your options and are stuck being alone and can’t seem the guy for you, I’ve got 2 fabulous suggestions on how to snag the man of your dreams.

1.) Specific dating sites

There are sites that cater to specific things, like cat lovers dating sites, dog lovers dating sites, for example. I’m sure there are even obscure dating sites like punk dating sites. Check it out you might find your match. I would not put all my eggs in this basket because there is a likely chance that there are none or extremely few people who have signed up for this service, but sign up anyway, what’s the worst that can happen? Nothing at all, you never get a response. OR, you get a response and meet a man! Wow! You’ve got nothing to loose so give the specific dating sites a try.

2.) Check the astrology charts.

Even if you are a skeptic, this is worth try because just like I said above, what’s the worst that could happen? Nothing, who cares! It’s worth a try because the best that could happen is that you find a match! Astrology is not just for hippies and freaks. Many people who’s signs do not describe them have another aspects like the rising sign and the moon signs that greatly impact the personality, so if you say “astrology does not work for me” then you obviously have conflicting signs that affects your sun sign. Get an astrology reading and you will see what I mean about this, it will all make sense then.

Study astrology sites and see which match is the best for you. Read through the signs and see which signs are the best for you by knowing what you want and then you can get it. If you are into more introverted people who have dreamy ideals, maybe a Pisces might suit you. Are you showy, flashy and outgoing? Do you like to talk and talk and are you into exploring every nook and cranny of life? maybe a Gemini might suit your desires and compliment your fast paced lifestyle.

Take a look into these to see what would be the most compatible with you. Then you can ask the person “what day is your birthday” and then you can see what sign they are. If you at all worried about being labeled an a hippie, by asking what day is their birthday you will get the answer to the astrology sign question without actually asking.

Try it you’ve got nothing to lose, people have been studying astrology for many years and for good reason, now it’s your turn to figure that out!

Sex Please, We’re British

sex-shopIf you ever travel across the pond, you might notice the strong presence of sex shops and porn stores. They aren’t discreet about it either, they are blatantly obvious what’s inside.

In the USA and even Canada, sex shops are disguised as “love shops” and “passion parties”. Why is that?

As Americans, we are very behind on your sexual position, no pun intended! The British and all Europeans for that matter are not as squeamish about sex as we are. They can explore their bodies and they are not as high-strung and prudish as North Americans. Why is that? Sex is taught to be wrong and the crush teaches that masturbation is bad, but Europeans are religious too but they don’t have the inhibitions about sex that we do.

I’ve traveled to Europe and have seen sex shops on main streets with big bright signs. They are located on main streets and in plain view. Do the residents of these cities feel scared about walking it not he shops? I sat and watched at a coffee house across the street from a porn shop and watched the people come and go. I was surprised to see that some people were hesitant to walk in, they would dash quickly in and peek out the door before leaving. Others did not have a problem at all and walked in like it was a grocery store. It did not seem to be sex everywhere that I thought it would be, but obviously the people were not that scared because the sex shop was on a main busy street.

I don’t think that sex toys are illegal anywhere in Europe and I know that certain states have outlawed sex toys and “pleasure devices”, even male strippers are not allowed to thrust their pelvises because tuning on female patrons is illegal yet in these some states, it’s legal to have guns, but not vibrators. But that’s another topic all together!

It’s amazing to see the British gladly get their sex toys and pleasure themselves. Even tough they are know for not being the most beautiful people in the world, they do not have the body hang ups that Americans have. They are more confident in their appearance. In the end, I think that we have allot to learn from our neighbors across the pond. After all, the most Europeans walk around with unshaven armpits and they are not afraid to go topless, no matter what their body shape is. In the end, the moral of this story is that us Americans and eve the Canadians up north must learn to be more confident and less inhibited.