Liberate the Libido

Since winter is coming and we don’t really want to do outside anymore (up here in the snowy north anyway) it’s time to bunker down with your lover. Make sure to add more sexy things to your bedside table!

winter sexiness

I’ve also got another tip. If performance anxiety or erectile dysfunction has got you down, I suggest a penis pump to get everything “up” again. No pun intended but the reality is that as this generation gets older, men have problems with erections, It’s nothing shameful in fact it’s way more common then we would ever know it’s just that guys don’t talk about libido problems. Read up on what a penile vacuum pump does for erectile dysfunction and then you an make your decisions on if this is a suitable solution for your sex life. maybe a chat with your physician can help you devise a plan to get your love life on track again.

Dear Sexy Lexie

Ms. Chase packs a punch with this steamy, sheet melting romance. Lexie and Tyler’s relationship will turn the readers on their ears as the story unfolds. Dear Sexy Lexie is an awesome read and should not be missed. Ms. Chase gives the readers what they want and so much more. You cannot ask for a better read, when you pick up Dear Sexy Lexie.

Pocket Pussy Tips

The pocket pussy is the single most popular sex toy for men. Millions of guys have this but they usually won’t admit to it. It’s like how women use super jumbo tampons but don’t admit to that either - ok that’s a gross analogy but you get my point! It’s too taboo to have a pocket pussy. A masturbation sleeve is sort of OK but the pocket pussy not so much. Here I will give you some pocket pussy tips. You can pretend that you’re not reading this but soak up this advice so that you can get the most pleasure from your sex toy. Here is the info you need to make your penis a very happy little guy.

1.) Use lubrication
This is the single most important tip for any sex toy for women or men. Whenever you see an article about vibrators, masturbators or even sexual intercourse, the first tip is always use lube. For good reason, wetter is better. No lubricant causes friction with the material which means that your skin pulls against the material and you won;t be able to glide. It will stick and give you a rug burn like sensation. I like water based lube because it won;’t react with sex toy materials. Silicone is better but if your sex toy has silicone in it, it can cause it to melt.

2.) Hold the end closed with one hand.
This will give you a tighter feeling around the tip of your penis and it can also block off the exit hole which will create suction and will give you more sensation you’ll like. When you block off the exit hole and you thrust your penis in and out of the entry, the air will be sucked out of the tunnel and it will create a small vacuum suction which will make it feel like it’s sucking on your penis.

3.) Use it only on your tip.
If you thrust in short, fast strokes right over the end of your penis, it will feel better then if you do the whole shaft. The reason for this is that the pocket pussy usually compacts around your hand and shaft and your tip will poke out. Stimulating just the tip of your penis gives a different sensation then the whole shaft so try this and see if you like it.

4.) Get your girlfriend to use it on you.
It’s like getting the ultimate hand job. You get the visual pleasure - and this is extra kinky visual pleasure, You woman holds it on and thrusts for you. Her hand will also feel different from your hand so it makes the pocket pussy feel very different then if you were to use it yourself. Then maybe you can use a vibrator on her is she uses a pocket pussy on you,. It’s how adults play with toys and you should try this too.

I’d love to give you more satisfaction and give a huge laundry list of tips but in reality, the pocket pussy is pretty basic and men’s pleasure needs are quite basic too, but these 4 tips can make the experience feel different and better to give you some variety in the way that it feels.

Happy New Year!

The joy of new year’s Eve! It’s the one time of year when you can easily get lots of and kisses from the ladies. Men and Women are much more un-inhibited. It’s time to let yourself get into the mood and enjoy the reason for the season. Happy New year and I hope that you had the best fun, the hottest babes and a great time ringing in the new decade!

There is no better way to ring in the new year then with a lady in your embrace. Guess what? thae woment hink the same. It;s an night of one track minds so get it on and express your joy for the season. Kiss under the mistletoe and kiss everywhere else. party like it’s your last day. Why? becuase you can! Happy New Year!

Your new favorite sex position


Hey couples! Here’s something new to try. It’s a sexual position but there are so many ways to make it different that it’s the position with variety! Usually, this takes place on a bed, but you can do it next to a wall on the floor or in a hallway. If you look at the picture I drew, the green ovals are pillows! It’s pretty self explanatory about how to do this position. It’s girl on tip sex but the man is not totally flat. He is propped up with some pillows. This makes his pelvis like a seat that is concave you san sit there and not fall to the side.

The girl uses her hands to thrust herself up and down. Try putting your hands on the inside of his legs, it will give you some extra lift. This allows his legs to spread which gives you deeper penetration too so it feels better for both of you. Don’t press on his knees because you will hurt them as you thrust away. You man can bed at the knees and you can rest your hands on his thighs if he’s strong enough to support you.

He can place his hands behind his head and just plain ol’ enjoy the view. It’s like getting a lap dance but with sex. The lady can wiggle a bit to tease him even more. Be really nasty and pretend like your a porn star with exaggerated facial movements and bends of the back It will be fun!

Here’s how you can make this sexual position different. Try holding a vibrating bullet to your clitoris. Either you can hold it or he can but I recommend the lady holding it because you know your pressure point and that right place. You can orgasm quickly and he will just sit there and watch you cum on top of him! You can move around like he’s a dildo with a suction cup on the bottom.
Another thing to try is wear a wireless vibrator. This is better for some because it prevents your back front twisting which is what happened when you try to hold the vibrating bullet over your clit and the other hand is behind your back, moving your body up and down on his penis. The wireless bullet is totally hands free and gives you clit pleasure. There is also a certain mystique from wearing a strap on sex toy during sex, it will make both of you feel oh so naughty.

He can also play with your boobs if he’s a boob man. Gosh there are so many ways to make this sex position exciting, it can feel new every time. Ok try my sex position and you’ll love it, I promise!

When You’re Lonely

Men are so hard-wired for sex it’s unreal. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, you gotta properly harness these urges and please yourself somehow. I can’t really call myself an expert at male sexual satisfaction, but I am a creative girl so I can offer some good ideas.

Put a theme to your porn. I guess it keeps you mentally stimulated at the same time, giving you something more to fantasize about. Think of someone’s hot wife. You can either pretend it’s a voyeur fantasy or imagine that the hot wife wants you to watch. Maybe her stock market husband is too busy to keep her company so it’s up to you to keep her happy.

If you want something a little more interactive, try checking out a phone sex directory and chatting with someone who can lead you into another realm of sexuality. You don’t need to be shy becuase they can’t see you and have no idea who you are anyway.
Don;t suffer in loneliness, get aroused and try one of my tips for a different kind of sexual experience.

How To Choose The Right Dildo

Choosing a dildo can be a daunting task if you’re new to the game and not aware of the different types of dildos for yourself or yourself and partner to use. Here’s a brief explanation of the different dildos and how they can be used.

Classic dildos
The original and the best, some may argue. Classic dildos have the look and texture of a penis. They can often have balls attached and the shaft is often veined for a realistic look and feel. Materials vary from dildo to dildo, whereas some are quite firm, others can be more flexible. Dildos are sex toys which don’t vibrate, they are designed for women who like straight up penetration without the swirling, twirling and up beat features found in vibrators.

Glass dildos
The benefit of using glass dildos is they can be heated up or chilled for a different and intensifying effect! To chill the dildo it simply needs to be put in the freezer or fridge, depending on how cold you want it. And to experience the immense pleasure of a hot glass dildo, all you need to do is run hot water over it. Glass dildos are an economical product as you can use the dildo in three different ways – hot, chilled, or normal. So if you’re easily bored of a product then this is a good one to go with. And more often that not, glass dildos come in a nifty little pouch.

Double ended dildos
Double ended dildos are a versatile product – they can be used by women who would like to experience the wonders of double penetrations, or they can be used by two partners. If you’re using them for double penetration then one end goes into the anus, and the other into the vagina. This is a thoroughly thrilling experience as you’re able to experience double the pleasure and be in control of it yourself.
Double ended dildos are also popular with gay and heterosexual couples. One end goes into one person, and the other goes into the other person! It’s as simple as that! Well, sort of… Getting into a rhythm can be harder than it looks when using double ended dildos. Practise is the key! Start out slowly, if you get carried away too quickly you’re likely to slip and the dildo will come of one of you or you’ll loose your grip.

Start by sitting facing each other and using the dildo like that. Don’t be disappointed or turned off if you don’t get into a rhythm the first time, the worst thing you can do is give up! When you master double ended dildo action its thoroughly fun and enjoyable and give you something new to try in the bedroom!
Hygiene is really important when using double ended dildos – the dildo should never be inserted into one person and then into the other without completely cleaning first with specific toy cleaner.

Strap on dildos
Strap on dildo are dildos which are attached to a harness and they are worn around the waist and they can be worn by both men and women.

They are designed so women can give their female lover vaginal or anal penetration, so women can give their male lover anal penetration and so men can give their female partner double penetration! Strap ons are such a great and versatile sex toys! They are designed for people who are daring to try something new and fun in the bedroom, they provide an immense amount of pleasure for both him and her. Strap on sex is exhilarating for both men and women, and once you’ve tried it you’ll see why! More than likely after you’ve tried strap on sex you’ll be more enthused to try other exciting and kinky things in the bedroom!

These are the different types of dildos in a nutshell. Best way to find out more is to try them first hand!