More Gift Ideas for Men

The previous post suggested adult toys for men, but if that’s not really what you feel comfortable giving, we have some great ideas for adult toy giftsa for men for the holidays. Check out the following ideas:

If you like to play cards, why not get a deck of nude cards! Buy  naked women cards ! Turn ordinary poker in to strip poker, or crazy 8’s into kinky 8’s!!

Of course, the sex dice are always a favorite! Roll ‘em and see what you need to do. What action to what body part. For example, “KISS” “BELOW WAIST”, is only one if the many options you could land on.

If games are not your thing, why not try getting tasty with edible underwear. G-strings, briefs and bras, these edible wonders will add spice to your sex, and creativity to your passion. These make great gifts to stop your lover in their tracks. Imagine the look on their face when you strut in wearing a G-string made of candy! He will think you are “sweet” for giving this to them!

To add some kinky romance, a fun adult novelty is a sex coupon book! Redeemable in the bed room, these coupons are good for various actions that will arouse and stimulate both partners until sex is the only answer left! Give your parter the gift of control with these sexy coupon books for couples!

For more male sex toys ideas, find your local sex toy store, or try the previous link, a popular shop that has all the items you need!

There are also lots of other ideas like massage oil to pamper your hardworking man. Treat him to a sensual gift for the holidays!


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