Pelvic Floor Strengthening Balls

Several centuries ago, women in the orient were introduced to a small set of weighted metal balls that were inserted into the vagina. The heavy weight of the balls acted with gravity to force them downwards and the muscles in the pelvis has to work harder to keep them in – thus exercising the muscles in the pelvis.


The affect if this was better sexual enjoyment, a strong muscle will clench harder thus resulting in more pleasure for the woman. Another effect was better urinary bladder control, almost solution to incontinence as the muscles can hold the urinary tract closed preventing leaks. Another benefit was sexual enjoyment for the man – he would feel the balls rolling about as he penetrated the vagina.

Bringing the couples closer on an intimate level as they cab she extra joy together in the bedroom. If you are interested in knowing more about these small vaginal devices, visit online for the list if products which pertain to this style is strengthening. Further more you can find larger balls that are hollow these styles are more for sexual pleasure, they don’t even need to be used during sex, the feeling of self vibrating inside the vagina will create natural lubrication and help the woman get in the mood for love a pleasure heightened sensation that carries over into the next sexual encounter and makes it for fun for both partners involved.

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