Sex in a hot tub

Sitting in a hot tub of water with the temperature hot and lazy, steam rising from the water, glistening over your face, sexy bikinis, sexy 6 packs. It’s no wonder why the hot tub is a place for kinky rendezvous and erotic moments. It’s torn down the middle if it’s a safe place to have sex or not.

Your high school teachers will tell young that you can get pregnant by shaving sex in a hot tub but if you read any pregnancy or baby making forum online, they will tell you to avoid hot tubs because it’ll ruin your chances of conceiving. The truth is that there is virtually no chance that you’ll get pregnant having sex in a hot tub. the heat kills the sperm and not only the sperm in the testicles and the ejaculate in the vagina, but it even kills sperm in the making. Bring in a waterproof vibrator instead.

It won’t happen so here is a great point for sex in a hot tub is that you won;t get pregnant. Myself and every doctor you’ll ever hear that talks on the subject will protect their asses and advise you not to have unprotected sex because there is a chance that it could happen. It’s highly unlikely but incase it does happen, we don’t want to get our asses sued.

On the contrary, you should never have unprotected sex with partners because you don’t want to catch an STD, and those don’t get killed by heat so you can catch anything in the hot tub.

Another con for sex in a hot tub is that the chemicals used to sterilizing the water, like chlorine can cause vaginal irritations an upset the PH balance in the vagina and maybe it can cause a yeast infection or some other infection. By thrusting a penis into the vagina, it pushes in a some water with each thrust so you can get some kind of irritation or infection. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, they guy is so hot and the emotion as are so strong that you’ll risk a measly little irritation for the sake of food sex. It’s whatever you choose. Personally, if the guy was Johnny Depp, I would risk an infection for him, any day!

If you want to have sex underwater, it can help to lubricate you a little bit but tit feel like it pulls on the skin and can break some of the passion. If you insist on underwater sex, my tip of the day is to use silicone lubricants because they are not water soluble which means that they don’t wash away under water so you will get the glide you need, even underwater. It’s miracle juice, it really is.

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