Sex Practices Across the Pond

Adults in other parts of the world have different sex terms and practices then here in North America. Even though we are only across by an ocean and a speedy 5 hour plane ride away, the sex practice there is like a world away from here in the USA.

Dogging - A popular concept in the UK. It means that men watch couples having sex or performing sex acts together outdoors. The term originates from when the men were caught, they would claim they are walking the dog, hence the name Dogging.

Across the pond in the USA, the closest term is voyeur, but that term is used more loosely because a voyeur means that they like to look at women, it does not necessarily mean a couple. It also does not necessarily mean that they like to watch couples have sex outdoors, but that they are peeking at them. Doggers know they are being watched and they perform more.

Also the the USA, you can’t have a voyeur without an exhibitionist. It can be the couple having sex in the park, the woman sunbathing topless, or even the women who changes her clothes in her apartment without closing the blinds first, she’s just asking for someone to look in. You need both in order for them to work together.

Why is this such a common activity in the UK and not here like vibrators? I’m not sure exactly but it’s been around since the 70’s so the term has had many generations to migrate this way but it has not as of yet. I guess that’s the difference between the British and Americans, we like to peek, they like to know they are being watched, but of course it’s a generalization and that’s not necessarily the case.

The British probably wonder why we like to peek, they seem it to be more fun if they couple is performing. Maybe when you take a trip across the pond, you can look for popular dogging locations and dabble in their popular sex act for yourself. But remember, when the cops come by, you’re walking the dog!

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  1. Stephen - November 13, 2014