Sex Toy Prostate Pro

prostate-pro1This sex toy is for men and I am proud to offer all curious men this review and re-cap. It’s for both hetreo and homosexuals. Both types of men will experience equal benefit from this. The concept behind this odd looking anal sex toy is to put pressure on the prostate. It seems quite overwhelming at first glance and maybe it’s not for the faint of heart because the bulb is larger then you might be comfortable with. Add plenty of anal lube and rest assure that you get to feel the neatest sensation. The idea is for men to enjoy prostate stimulation which is essentially like a women’s g-spot. It just happens to lie within the anus about an inch or two inside facing the front. This prostate stimulator vibrates very strongly to give maximum effect because if you are going to stick something in your bum - it might as well be good!

Here is how the prostate sex toy for men from theadulttoyshop works. The little fins on the bottom are meant to tease you in the same way that a woman would be teased. To be lightly fluttered in between your cheeks and behind tour scrotum is a really tantalizing experience and for many guys, the girlfriend won’t go there so with this sex toy, you can enjoy the sensation that only s mistress will give you! All joking aside, the little fins add much pleasure to the whole experience but I think the biggest reason they are there is so that you can know which direction the bulb is pointing. Try moving it about because some men report enjoying the movement inside, others like it held still. I must mention again that heterosexual men need not be worried because there is a reason that this anal toy for men is invented - it’s to give pleasure to men!

The spikes that you see are mainly for aesthetics, to make it look manly because from the point of view of the manufacturer, it’s hard to design a sex toy for men to be used anally when they are not gay. I think they did a fantastic job here. I really think that men should try it. If you are really squeamish about the whole idea, you may be better off using a slimmer plug, try to go for something curved to get the prostate stimulation you are looking for. Work your way up. Get a bottle of anal lube and try this thing. You ca use it with masturbating or during sex. It might work better with masturbation because the blunt size makes it fall out easily. It’s also wonderful during foreplay, a really kinky experience for both partners.

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