Lady Balls - Part 2

Here is a  story from a friend Jessica:

Ben Wah Balls (the common name), or Pleasure Balls are a very special sex toys for women that have been around for centuries. Originating in Asia, these balls were invented to help women control there vaginal elasticity and aided women who had urinary troubles. This worked by slipping one ball into the vagina, and the woman had to hold it in by squeezing her vaginal muscles all day. Today, pleasure balls have combined ancient traditions with modern style, and are now several balls on a string for easy removal.


Now days, these balls are continued to be used for aiding women with control problems, but they are also used for stimulating women and preparing them for sex. Pleasure balls are not intended to bring a woman to orgasm, but rather to tease a woman, and keep her aroused all day. They insert into the vagina and dance around inside her, teasing her and allowing her to feel slightly stimulated for the duration of the wear.


Pleasure balls can be used for Kegel exercises, which are exercises that help women control their vaginal muscles, again by slipping them inside the vagina, and holding them in. This squeezing motion works out the vaginal muscles by contracting and relaxing them, and just like working out any other muscles, this will help strengthen and tone these specific muscles, allowing women to control their urinary problems and to tighten their muscles after having children. Women do not practice Kegel exercises only for medical reasons, a lot of women practice this ritual to tighten their vaginal muscles, which will make them feel tighter and more pleasure during sex.




For beginners, larger, lighter pleasure ball sex toys should be worn. This will prove to be easier to hold in without them dropping out. Materials like plastic and Cyberskin coated plastic at a diameter of about 1 1/2 to 2 inches should also be used for first timers. Start with this size and material, and then after approximately 2 weeks, move to a smaller diameter and a heavier material. As you build up your muscles, you will eventually be able to hold in 1/2 inch diameter balls made from materials like a heavy metal. If you attempt to jump right into metal balls, they will most certainly fall out. This is not a good idea to try if you are going out to the shop; how embarrassing would it be if you sneezed or coughed and a small metal ball rolls down your pant leg and across the floor?


As silly as it seems, a great way to remove pleasure balls that are not connected by a string is simply by coughing, sneezing or jumping up and down! This will let them drop out of you, and then you can wash them off.


A great new twist they have done to make pleasure balls that much more pleasurable is making them duo-tone. These duo-tone balls are large, hollow balls, usually made from plastic with a smaller, usually metal, weighted ball inside. This allows the balls to vibrate on their own, so it’s like having a wireless, no batteries required vibrating female sex toy that is private, personal and discreet! These duo tone pleasure balls are very popular amongst women, beginners and experts alike.


The duo-tone pleasure balls are used more for sexual stimulation then vaginal exercise. These sex toys vibrate on their own by your movements. As you walk, the smaller balls move inside the larger balls and massage the inner walls of your vagina, creating sexual arousal. They are adult toys not used to achieve orgasm but to excite the sexual response and get you in the mood for sex.

Pelvic Floor Strengthening Balls

Several centuries ago, women in the orient were introduced to a small set of weighted metal balls that were inserted into the vagina. The heavy weight of the balls acted with gravity to force them downwards and the muscles in the pelvis has to work harder to keep them in – thus exercising the muscles in the pelvis.


The affect if this was better sexual enjoyment, a strong muscle will clench harder thus resulting in more pleasure for the woman. Another effect was better urinary bladder control, almost solution to incontinence as the muscles can hold the urinary tract closed preventing leaks. Another benefit was sexual enjoyment for the man – he would feel the balls rolling about as he penetrated the vagina.

Bringing the couples closer on an intimate level as they cab she extra joy together in the bedroom. If you are interested in knowing more about these small vaginal devices, visit online for the list if products which pertain to this style is strengthening. Further more you can find larger balls that are hollow these styles are more for sexual pleasure, they don’t even need to be used during sex, the feeling of self vibrating inside the vagina will create natural lubrication and help the woman get in the mood for love a pleasure heightened sensation that carries over into the next sexual encounter and makes it for fun for both partners involved.