Get the Girl

There are many people out there, and many of them are looking for people just like you.
So how do you get them interested in someone like you? Well, there are a few things you
can do that will definitely help your chances, and a few things you should avoid doing.

First of all, be assertive! Smiling and self confidence go a long way when attracting
others. Think about it, would you rather approach someone who is obviously happy with
themselves and smiling, or someone who looks miserable with a low self-esteem? Probably
the more confident guy or gal! Don’t go overboard, however. Just be happy with yourself
with out bragging or acting like you own the world. If you are having trouble with this,
while trying to attract wanted attention, just think about the one thing you like best
about yourself at that moment. Your hair, or your shoes or whatever, and that will get
you smiling!

Also, try not to be shy! I know it might be hard, but if you think about it, the other
person is most likely just as nervous as you are. So if you’re feeling good and got your
smile down, then why not make the first move?! Everyone loves compliments and being
noticed, and if you make the first move, chances are that will earn you some major
interest points!

Don’t be afraid of being turned down. It will happen, and it happens to everyone! Don’t
let it get to you, how were you supposed to know they were not interested? If it wasn’t
obvious, and they sent you the wrong signals, then they will surely understand, and if
anything, you’ll leave them feeling flattered. So in turn, it was a nice ego boost for

Make sure you smell good! Not kidding! Scent is an important part of attraction. Boys and
girls who smell bad is not a very nice thing. It is understandable if you’ve been dancing
all night and are all hot and sweaty, you might get a little stinky, but if that is not
the case, then make sure you bathe before you  go out on the prowl. A little spritz of
perfume or cologne won’t hurt either.

Besides these few tips, I guess the best piece of advice is to be yourself! And if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying! I strongly believe there is someone out there for everyone, so be patient, and you’ll find your special someone.