Hysteria – for Men

Female sexuality has always been a hot topic. Theories like “does the g-spot really exist” and “how to give a woman an orgasm” have always been intriguing mysteries. Even with women’s kinkier needs like strap-on dildos have been a new fad. Look through www.theadulttoyshop.com and you’ll get the general idea. In the 19th century, Female Hysteria (an actual term) was a popular medical focus point, physicians would perform pelvic massage on women to help relieve symptoms which included everything from sexual dissatisfaction and insomnia to cramps and emotional mood swings.


Men’s hysteria was never a problem, there is no medical term or equipment in the 19th century for men’s insomnia or sexual dissatisfaction. We wonder then - are men really that simple, just spank the monkey and it’s all over? Was it a sexist viewpoint that men could handle themselves without the need of “equipment” and women were delicate flowers that needed to be pollinated?

Vibrators are all over. Strap ons are one of those newer sex toys but boy oh boy, are they fun. Not really something that most couples would consider, it’s really a good ride. It is kind of a mind fu** becuase you are thrusting with the same motion of sex only with a different feel in the vagina. It’s kind of fun trying this new thing, like getting your man to use a dildo on you except this time he is doing the thrusting back and forth. Very cool, totally worth a try.

hysIt’s important for men to take their sexuality seriously, especially in this day where everyone’s girlfriend has a vibrator that easily rivals lovemaking! Not to say a real woman is never in the cards again, but if you have a pocket pussy then you don’t need to worry about wooing one, it’s literally a bed buddy under your bed. Get yourself into the current age, women have vibrators stashed everywhere it’s time for men to take their own pleasure into their hands (no pun intended) and get with the program of better masturbation. You’re worth it.

Have some sexy fun with Jessica!

Jessica is a very naughty girl over in the city of Oxford in England. A student by day she spends the evenings, weekends and vacations having plenty of sexy fun, and what’s even better, she loves to write about her experiences and use her vivid imagination to create wonderfully explicit stories.

Her writing covers lesbianism, bondage, male-female encounters and much more. There’s also poetry on erotic topics and most recently she has begun to blog about her weekly sexual experiences. This girl doesn’t hold back, everything is in graphic detail and is guaranteed to get you wet and steamy and ready to give your partner the night of their lives!

Jessica is also willing to collaborate with other writers and has just completed an article with a male friend in the USA. ‘Mike and Jenny’ looks to be the start of many adventures for the two newly created characters and might easily end up as a bestselling erotic book! If you fancy writing with Jessica or would like her to write you a personal story using your own ideas, just email her. She doesn’t bite…unless you want her too!


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