Live it up while you can!

Live it up!

The joys of being in your early 20’s. I can ell you all about it now, I’m pushing 30 and life sure has changed. I tell all you young’uns out there, enjoy the time you have because when you grow up, life changes and you lose the joy of your youth. Not that adulthood is a scary thing, it come with it’s share of fun times like life, marriage and children and full independence but the spark of your younger years will slowly fade away. When I was in the early 20’s, I’d go out to the clubs and get phone numbers, flirt with guys all night long,. get to know some of them and have some good sex fantasies. It was what Cosmo tells you to do. be fun and fearless and flirt. I was blessed with pretty looks so it was easy for me, but even an ugly friend could find success if she was confident enough.

Coming up to the 30’s though, I go to the club and there is nothing but young boys there, a 20 year old “man” to me is like a teenager. I’m into the Patrick Dempsey type of guys now and these types of men do NOT go to clubs. Most of them fish, ride ATV’s or are already married. Life changes and club guys are grimy,. Eeew, I slept with them? I was so turned on by that 10 years ago but now, they are kind of repulsive, immature and too hasty. They don’t appreciate good lovemaking like the older men do.

Enjoy your youth, don;t jump the gun and mary a club guy, they are only hood for sex, casual erotic and kinky sex. When you age, you get into the passionate sex which is whole different ball game from the regular sex you had in your younger days.

I don’t ever go to clubs anymore. Luckily I have a guy now but I don;t know what the heck I would do if I were single, where on earth do you meet your macho man? that;s a whole different topic altogether and I might not be the best advice for that type of tale because I am happy.

The point is that you should enjoy your youth. be sexy, have fun but for goodness sake, PLEASE use protection because as soon as you have a baby, your life is over and you are immediately thrust into being older and you loose you youth. I know because I have friends who had to duck out at age 22 because they got pregnant I lasted until I was about 26. they lost 4 years because they did not use a condom. Of course life is different for hem and they love their child but they also lost many years of flirty and erotic fun.

Enjoy yourself while you can becuase take it from an old gal like me - it won’t last. You’ll grown up even if you resist it, it will happen and your desires will change, just as mine did. That’s all the advice I have for the younger readers today!