My Porn Story With Glass

When I first thought of glass sex toys, it seem to be so unsafe. Why would I want to stuff myself with a glass sex toy? That can’t be safe? I got one as a gift from my man and I am here to tell you about it. Here is my story from beginning to end.


We were getting frisky, some lip nibbling, tongue sucking, ear biting, neck licking. It was getting hot and heavy. PG rated foreplay. Before he was going to undress me, he did something out of the ordinary, he reached into his “murse” and pulled out this glass thing that looked like a wand a fairy princess would have. It’s the picture on the right in case you want to see for yourself. I asked him “what’s that for” I thought it might have been a really skinny lava lamp, he assured me that it is not, it is going to be slid into my pussy. Boy oh boy, I was like “you fool, are you crazy?” It’s like a really pretty chocolate, when it’s very pretty you don’t want to eat it. Well I did t want to stick this pretty centerpiece in my vagina, then it would no longer be a centerpiece!

He left me no choice, he slowly undressed me, held my hands down and started sucking on my nipples. At that point I was so darn wet that I craved anything being stuck in my pussy. I wanted something to fill me up, anything there was so much sexual energy. I that point, I could have accepted a cucumber, banana, whatever. I really wanted his penis and I whimpered for that a little but he denied, of course.

He pushed the tips of the glass dildo on my nipple. It was rounded and blunt and cold. It made my nipple even harder instantly. He moved it in a circle and it felt really tight against my hard nipple. He put the end of the dildo in my mouth and I gave it a lick, it was so smooth and cold. He put it on my nipple again and this time it was wet from my spit so it moved freely, it was quite erotic, completely smooth, more smooth then skin, even smoother then a tongue.

He made me lick it again, this time he put the whole head in my mouth and I sucked on it and it was quite the experience. I’ve never sucked on a nubby glass tip before and it was very neat, at this point I wanted him to stick it in my pussy. I don’t have much experience with sex toys that don’t vibrate, but I was about to experience my first dildo and my first glass sex toy in one.

He slid the dildo head down my belly and then presses the end on my clit, it was warning up a bit from the traveled down my belly. He rubbed the head against my clit, I wanted so desperately for him to shove it in my pussy, please I crave penetration, have sex with me, finger me do something! I begged for him to pleasure me more and he stuck the tip in my vagina, so moist, so inviting. The end of the glass sex toy was very warm and he moved in in a little more and as it entered, the shaft was cooler.

The temperature contrast was so invigorating, I thought I would be sent to heaven right away. He pressed his finger on my clit and he started to slide the glass in, very far so far that I felt the pressure inside. I wanted more because the pressure was gold, it matched the pressure he was putting on my clitoris. Oh so sensual.

He started thrusting the end faster and faster, he circles my clit faster and faster. The smooth shaft with the light spirals teases my pussy lips while the round head filled my love hole with delightful smoothness. I never thought I’d see the day when a glass thing would make me orgasm but there I was cumming was clenching around a glass dildo! It was quote odd but he frictionless glass was so sensual inside I loved it so much.

After the orgasm was over and my muscles relaxed, I let him enter me. At this point I was soaking wet and his warm soft but firm penis felt amazing contrast to the solid glass. He thrust away and in a few seconds he was done. It was so quick because he loved the look of the glass inside me. You can see inside it, it’s almost transparent and the view was such a delight, apparently I had no idea but that’s what he told me. He could practically see inside my pussy and he was thrusting me to pure sexual enjoyment.

That’s the story of glass. It was so easy to clean, it never smells and although I can never use it as a centerpiece now, It’s forever in my boudoir closet waiting for the next sexual encounter when we feel like being a little kinky.

You should get yourselves one of these glass sex toys, it’s quite amazing! now back to work I go, soppy wet and aroused just like that night again…Ahh Monday morning..