What to Say and Not to Say in Bed.

During foreplay, men say some things that women just don’t want to hear. The following article has some advice on what to say - and what NOT to say while enjoying intimacy of any kind with a woman.

1.) “Do you like how that feels?” - don’t say that.
When you as this you are obvious looking for a truthful response, but when you are totally missing her clit and rubbing left of her pussy lip while you look at her with a boyish smile and lots of eagerness in your eyes - do you really think she’s going to tell you truth at this tine? Of course not, she will say yes no matter what you’re doing!
Women don’t like to disappoint you or to crush your ego and women know how sensitive a man’s ego is. They will lie to you and pretend that it feels good instead of crushing your sexual emotions with the harsh truth.
This is what you should say that will get the best response:

2.) “Guide my fingers/tongue where you like it the most.” - do say that.
That’s how you should ask her if she like what you are doing. This way there is absolutely no rejection at all. If she likes it a little to the right, she will move your fingers over to the spot she wants. You can know exactly the pressure when she presses or lightly puts your fingers on her hot spot.

3.) “My old girlfriend liked anal, maybe you will too” - don’t say that.
This line could be used in so many ways, regardless of what you’re trying to get her to do, never ever compare or even mention another girl. EVER. She doesn’t care and doesn’t want to hear it. So what is your ex fell in love with you because you showed her the best an anal sex pleasure? She does not car and in fact, it will make her damn jealous that you are thinking of another woman whole fooling around with her. This will be exactly what she thinks so don’t say that.

4.) “I read an article in am magazine about anal sex, maybe you’ll like to try” - do say that.
By saying this, you’re referring to a magazine article that you read, This shows her that you’re making conscious effort to be great lover. You are doing your research and you wan to please her so she will be more accepting of your ideas. If she asks what magazine, say Maxim. Don’t ever say playboy because this will show a jealous response, Maxim is not as bad as playboy and women know well that there are really good articles about sex so a maxim reader is usually a good lover.

Try changing these simple sentences and see what sort of response you’ll get. She may be more open to your kinky ideas and will be happier with you in bed and remember when she’s happy, you’re happy!