Have some sexy fun with Jessica!

Jessica is a very naughty girl over in the city of Oxford in England. A student by day she spends the evenings, weekends and vacations having plenty of sexy fun, and what’s even better, she loves to write about her experiences and use her vivid imagination to create wonderfully explicit stories.

Her writing covers lesbianism, bondage, male-female encounters and much more. There’s also poetry on erotic topics and most recently she has begun to blog about her weekly sexual experiences. This girl doesn’t hold back, everything is in graphic detail and is guaranteed to get you wet and steamy and ready to give your partner the night of their lives!

Jessica is also willing to collaborate with other writers and has just completed an article with a male friend in the USA. ‘Mike and Jenny’ looks to be the start of many adventures for the two newly created characters and might easily end up as a bestselling erotic book! If you fancy writing with Jessica or would like her to write you a personal story using your own ideas, just email her. She doesn’t bite…unless you want her too!