The Naughty Joy of Camping


My favorite way to spend some time alone is to go camping. There is no better way to get to know the real person inside then when yo are thrust away from civilization with only some camping gear, a few bottles of booze and you and your desired partner.

You have to approach it in a human study sort of way because you can learn allot about the other person, beginning right at the start. Pick your campsite. You can see what type of weekend you desire by the spot you choose. If it’s a secluded spot surrounded by trees in the corner - well it’s quite suggestive of some good “alone” time. If you choose a spot in the open, near others with six packs out on the table, you’re in for a party weekend. Right there you can see what your new mate prefers, intimacy or parties.

Setting up the tent is a good indicator. If they know exactly how it sets up and they can do it quickly, you know you have a handy man on your hands. An avid camper is a nature lover and this translates into a down-to-earth type personality.

If they can’t do it or complain about dirt under their fingernails, you know for sure that underneath the facade, there really is a metro sexual!

The next text is the survivor test. Can they start a fire? Do they remember boy scout training? A man needs to be able to start a fire - but that’s just my opinion. Watch how they handle it. Manly man treat the fire as his baby and gets proud of himself when it flares up. He is trying to impress you, he wants to wow you with his abilities.

The next step is the activities you will do. Does he want to sit and drink beer all day? Dies he want to char with you? Maybe he might suggest a walk where you can walk hand in hand. If he suggests a hike, you know for sure he’s the woodsy type. If he suggest fishing, he has the manly instinct of the hunter. If he wants to play frisbee, he’s young at heart, active and likes to have fun.

At nightfall, you can see his intentions. Do you cook marshmallows and share secrets before you go into the tent for a night of erotic lovemaking or do you skip the talk and go right to the sex? Does he pull out a sex toy in the heat of passion? If so, he’s a Cassanova lover and you’re in for a sexual treat!

Do you enjoy some foreplay, then go back out to the fire to let the mood heighten to have sex later? his means he can wait and he understands the joy of prolonged tantric sex - also he’s very into you, not just in a sexual way, but he wants to get to know the essence of you.

Do you see now what a study camping is? You have to read between the lines and you can learn so much about your new man. I suggest that all couples go camping within the forts three dates. It’s the best way to see what kind of man he really is.

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