The Scent of Sex

scentIt is the most obvious thing yet easily overlooked.. The sense of smell! Smell can make or break the mood. Smell has been proven to initiate sexual response, it can trigger strong feelings or quite the opposite.
Studies have shown that scent is heightened after sex, which makes “sense” because most other senses are heightened too!
Psychologists have studied the elusive sense of scent for a long time.

Adult product manufacturers and even body care companies capitalize on this by formulating and creating sweet and erotic scents, either in the form of massage lotions, massage oils, scented candles and even scented lubricant!

The most mysterious scent is pheromones, which is a physiological thing that claims that men and women will be attracted to each other. It is said to be an aphrodisiac but there is no proof that it is a strong as it claims to be. It does promote relaxation, which is not the same as passionately ripping each others clothes off, but it does attract members of the opposite sex in the terms that it makes you relaxed, which is a start! For those who are nervous, to be relaxed around someone is the first step to sexual attraction. it’s a long shot, but it can work for some inn this type of situation!

To make sex great, always make sure that the room smells nice, you smell good. Add flavored lubrication or massage each other with flavored massage oil. The great side effect is that you can lick it off each other too! Place some scented candles around the bed. When the room smells good, it really sets the mood. More for women only because women and taught to appreciate smell and men are not, but they benefit psychologically the same.

The psychology of sex is such a complex thing that university courses are taught about it. This is only one article about sex that barely scrapes the surface of this huge and interesting topic. What should you take away from this? A great way to pick up women is to make the surroundings smell good. For women, a great way to make men relax is with pheromones. But above all, always make sure you smell good! Until the next time!

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