Turn her on with Touch

Woman need the mood to be set in order to relax enough to enjoy sex and the more relaxed they are, the more they will want to play. If you take the time to relax your women, you are in turn seducing her and she will be much more likely to agree to try something new, if that’s your goal. You can’t use it like a pocket pussy. If you are simply trying to have sex with her for the first time, you can use the same technique. This technique is also good if you want her to try something new, like anal sex for example. It does not matter if it’s first time sex or something very kinky, you need to approach it in the same way. Woman like tenderness and being loved so all you need to do is crack open a bottle of massage oil and follows these simple tips and you’ll have her melted in your hands in no time at all.

First you want to get a good quality massage oil. Some cheap brands are so full of sugar, they will leave her sticky and although that might your intention later, it’s not what you want to so now! Massage oil sticky is a big turn off. She will not want to have sex with you, all she will want to do is take a shower!

Show her that massage oil and tell her you want to help her relax and make her feel nice. Take her shirt off and get her to lay on her tummy. Put some on your hands and rub them together to warm it up, she will appreciate that instead of pouring a cold liquid directly on her back. Once you’ve warmed it up, rub circles over her shoulders and down her back on either side of her spine. Put pressure with your fingertips, actually try and go a good job becuase she will notice the difference between half ass job and a professional massage.

You can gradually rube near her boobs, tickler her playfully and act innocent. As you approach her boobs, she will start to get a little moist between the legs, it’s just a natural response. You’ll want to turn her on without actual sexual contact and she will enjoy what you are trying to do.
The rest is up to you, read her response and see how she react to your touch,. You will be able to judge if she likes it and how far you should go. Go slowly but after a while you’ll get your prize!

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