Valentines Day Gift Ideas!

valentines-dayValentines day is fast approaching us yet again, and perhaps getting creative and being ultra-romantic is becoming more and more difficult each year. Well don’t let your lack of creativity and the ability to wow her bring you down this year, as this article is packed full of small ideas with big potential for the making the most romantic night of the year a hit!

If your budget is small, try little things. Chocolate dipped strawberries and a bottle of wine make a superb desert after a romantic home cooked meal. Eating them in the bedroom makes it even better! Go to your nearest department store and buy her loads of fake diamond rings and bracelets, and scatter them over the bed with some sweet smelling rose petals! That is a sure fire way to get her giggling and make her feel like she is being showered in diamonds! Get some silky smooth massage oil and give her the best back, leg and arm massage she’s ever had… then perhaps sneak in a little “personal” massage down there, and feel the intensity arouse instantly!

Small things can be very romantic, and very stimulating. After all, Valentines day is about pleasing your partner, in any way! Why not give her some small sex toys, like a mini clitoral stimulator, or go all out and get her a festive, heart shaped, red colored vibrator. This will leave her breathless and ready for sex!

Lingerie is always a popular gift among women. They love to be pampered and they love to look sexy! Get her a gorgeous little number, and maybe throw in some sexy shoes! She will be very flattered and won’t have the words to thank you. There will no need for words though, once she puts it all on!

If your budget it a little bit larger, then you could always spring for a small holiday. Take her somewhere close, and stay in a hotel room for the night, or spring for the weekend. If you live by the mountains, why not take her on a skiing spree. The two of you could stay in a small cabin and sip hot chocolate in the chalet after a long day of skiing.

Maybe you live somewhere hot. Why not try a sexy picnic on the beach, with wine and the most beautiful sunset. Or you could take her to her favorite beach side restaurant and have champagne and oysters. If you do not live by a beach, be creative, and see what attractions are close by. Maybe she likes amusement parks, or maybe she likes something simple like mini putt or bowling. Any of these would make great Valentines day dates!

A sexy way of spending some quality time together would be to get a sex kit or a love kit the both of you can share. You can get love kits with fun games, sex toys, romantic tonics, feathers, and much more. Look into the options in a local novelty store, or online.

Why not make her a coupon book, filled with promises and special delights! Make one for everyday of the year, so she gets a whole 365 days of sweet treats! Ideas for coupons could be: kisses on demand for any body part all day, one dozen red roses “Just because”, a half hour foot massage, her favorite position in the bedroom whenever she wants it that day, a full body massage during her favorite girlie movie, going out to the cinema, going out to the theater, cleaning the house, taking her shopping, a new dress, running her a bubble bath… or you could get really kinky and have coupons for you being her personal slave, she can make you do anything, you have to obey her! All of these ideas will send her into a swirl of power, and you will get your reward in the bedroom!

No matter what you do for your woman this Valentines day, don’t forget the whole reason for the holiday. To love and appreciate your partner. To show her you care, and to give her all the respect and sensuality both of you deserve! This holidy goes both ways, so while you are stressing over her, she is stressing over you. No matter what happens, end the night with romance in the bedroom, and the rest of the day won’t even matter! Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!

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