What not to Wear

I have been watching this television show called What Not To Wear on TLC. If you have never watched this show, it’s great for the fashion idiots and the fashion curious. They feature real people who dress way too basic to be noticed and hide themselves behind unflattering clothing.

The show teaches people to dress sexy and to let their feminine side show and flow. If you are a regular gal that gets no attention and you want to dress better but have no where to start, sign up for this show because it is quite the transformation. In the end, all the women are ultra sexy but not smutty. They don’ dress you like a porn star, they make you look causal and nice.

Every now and then, they feature women who are too fat to wear that and tone them down a little. Women who have big boobs and flaunt them and and that’s all they have going. It’s like these women scream, have sex with my boobies, I am a sex toyfor your play! They tone down the dress and make them actual people.
On the contrary, they also take too both ladies and make them look like women, not like tomboys.

There are a few good thing and a few bad things about the show, it is VERY superficial in the thinking that the way you look is everything. I have seen an episode where a regular woman turns into a sexy women and all of a sudden, she is getting better reviews at work, so it;s like saying that before when we was normal, she did not perform as well as if she were to dress ultra sexy.

The good and the bad, the show is very informative and I rather enjoy it so it’s worth a watch. You can feel sexier which is nice then you can flaunt your body in sexy lingerie when you are in the mood. In a way, when you dress better on the outside you feel better on the inside and you can forget your inhibitions and be sexy like you should be. A good and bad show that is worth a watch, you might learn something and be repulsed at the same time!

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