When You’re Lonely

Men are so hard-wired for sex it’s unreal. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, you gotta properly harness these urges and please yourself somehow. I can’t really call myself an expert at male sexual satisfaction, but I am a creative girl so I can offer some good ideas.

Put a theme to your porn. I guess it keeps you mentally stimulated at the same time, giving you something more to fantasize about. Think of someone’s hot wife. You can either pretend it’s a voyeur fantasy or imagine that the hot wife wants you to watch. Maybe her stock market husband is too busy to keep her company so it’s up to you to keep her happy.

If you want something a little more interactive, try checking out a phone sex directory and chatting with someone who can lead you into another realm of sexuality. You don’t need to be shy becuase they can’t see you and have no idea who you are anyway.
Don;t suffer in loneliness, get aroused and try one of my tips for a different kind of sexual experience.

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