Your new favorite sex position


Hey couples! Here’s something new to try. It’s a sexual position but there are so many ways to make it different that it’s the position with variety! Usually, this takes place on a bed, but you can do it next to a wall on the floor or in a hallway. If you look at the picture I drew, the green ovals are pillows! It’s pretty self explanatory about how to do this position. It’s girl on tip sex but the man is not totally flat. He is propped up with some pillows. This makes his pelvis like a seat that is concave you san sit there and not fall to the side.

The girl uses her hands to thrust herself up and down. Try putting your hands on the inside of his legs, it will give you some extra lift. This allows his legs to spread which gives you deeper penetration too so it feels better for both of you. Don’t press on his knees because you will hurt them as you thrust away. You man can bed at the knees and you can rest your hands on his thighs if he’s strong enough to support you.

He can place his hands behind his head and just plain ol’ enjoy the view. It’s like getting a lap dance but with sex. The lady can wiggle a bit to tease him even more. Be really nasty and pretend like your a porn star with exaggerated facial movements and bends of the back It will be fun!

Here’s how you can make this sexual position different. Try holding a vibrating bullet to your clitoris. Either you can hold it or he can but I recommend the lady holding it because you know your pressure point and that right place. You can orgasm quickly and he will just sit there and watch you cum on top of him! You can move around like he’s a dildo with a suction cup on the bottom.
Another thing to try is wear a wireless vibrator. This is better for some because it prevents your back front twisting which is what happened when you try to hold the vibrating bullet over your clit and the other hand is behind your back, moving your body up and down on his penis. The wireless bullet is totally hands free and gives you clit pleasure. There is also a certain mystique from wearing a strap on sex toy during sex, it will make both of you feel oh so naughty.

He can also play with your boobs if he’s a boob man. Gosh there are so many ways to make this sex position exciting, it can feel new every time. Ok try my sex position and you’ll love it, I promise!

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